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Same Again Tomorrow is the new full-length album from Kilmaine Saints. Featuring 13 songs of high energy Celtic Rock and Punk, this album is a statement from a band taking their sound to the next level. It is their 4th full original album, and 7th release overall.

Combining elements of traditional Celtic music with punk and hard rock, "Same Again Tomorrow" creates a unique sound that often features fast-paced, energetic instrumentation, powerful vocals, and lyrics that address themes beyond just drinking and fighting...but there is also plenty of drinking and fighting. The music employs traditional instruments such as bagpipes, mandolins, fiddles, banjos, and tin whistles, along with heavy electric guitar, bass, and thundering drums. 

It's been 6 years since the release of Whiskey Blues & Faded Tattoos, an album that broke Kilmaine Saints to national and international recognition. Various line up changes in that time have helped the band's sound grow and mature, while staying firmly rooted in their Celtic Punk roots. Most of the recording process was done in the DIY style, utilizing member's home studios (drums were recorded at The Kaleidoscope in Lancaster, PA). Erich Arndt led the production and mixing and the final mixes were mastered by Mike Monseur at Axis Audio- Nashville, TN.

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