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Lyrics & Music: Erich Arndt

Brendan Power- Vocals; Bill Brown- Whistle; Erich Arndt- Guitar; Gary Eurice- Fiddle; Jon Heller- Bass; Rich Lipski- Mandolin; Tommy Leanza- Drums

She'll drink you under the table

Even though you're twice her size

She'll put you on your ass, my friend

Soon as look you in the eye

There's a million fish in the sea

But this one will make you cry

You won't get lucky this time, lad

But we love to see you try



Siobhan, Siobhan

Don't hurt 'im lass, for he knows not

Siobhan, Siobhan

Go slow

Siobhan, Siobhan

That boy is giving all he's got

Siobhan, Siobhan

Go slow


She dances like the angels

Up atop the bar

But if you put your hands on her

She'll have you seein' stars

She'll bring a tear, a grin, a scream

A grown man to his knees

She'll down a pint and sing a song

Then she’ll stab you with her keys.


(Repeat Chorus)

Go slow




(Repeat Chorus x2)

Go slow

This one started out as just a name. I'd been seeing the name Siobhan in print all my life but it was only recently that I connected it with its pronunciation when I heard it in some movie or other, and I've had kind of a fascination with it ever since. Then I got into a Celtic Rock band and the first thing I said is "I gotta write a song called Siobhan". This is one that kind of grew out of itself. It took her only a line or two to establish that she was a bad ass bitch who takes no shite. Especially from a man. This is my salute to all the Siobhans of the world. When this song comes on the jukebox I want all the women to jump out of their seats and all the men to cross their legs. -Erich

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Part of Erich's demo

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