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Lyrics: Rich Lipski, Brendan Power Music: Rich Lipski

Brendan Power- Vocals; Bill Brown- Bagpipes; Erich Arndt- Guitar; Gary Eurice- Fiddle; Jon Heller- Bagpipes; Rich Lipski- Bass; Tommy Leanza- Drums

Well they don’t like our kind here

They said we don’t belong here

When the rebel army marches yeah how quick they change their mind

They send us to the front lines

Through bayonets and landmines

We will earn our way in Ameri-kay with the blood we leave behind



So rally ‘round the flag boys

We’re fighting for this land boys

Cause the enemy is coming but he won’t get through our lines

So don’t give up the fight boys

Victory’s in our sight boys

They will sing songs of our bravery, we’re the Fighting 69


They sent us to the big war

To remind us what we’re fighting for

In the wood the call the Rogue Bouquet our blood it stained the ground

The screams of death were all around 

Souls were lost and never found

Entombed in peace for eternity within the trench they held their ground


(Repeat Chorus)


Faugh a ballagh, clear the way

Faugh a ballagh, clear the way


There lie many fighting men

Never to return again

Cut down in their youthful prime, never taste the Summertime


(Repeat Chorus x2)


They will sing songs of our bravery, we’re the Fighting 69

Rich had been working on a song focused on the fighting 69th regiment.  I loved the reference to their bravery during the Civil War, and loved the use of their battle cry.  I wanted to add more to their story.  The 69th has been a part of almost every conflict since the Civil War.  I referenced a poem called the Rogue Bouquet by Joyce Kilmer.  Sadly he was killed during the battle of Rogue Bouquet Wood during WWI.  His Poem was read during the funeral of the fallen soldiers in France. -Brendan

I was exploring Gettysburg with my family and came across the Irish Brigade Monument. I'd heard about the "Fighting 69th" but did some more reading. I was able to knock out the first verse and chorus pretty quickly, and turned to Brendan to flesh out the rest. -Rich


Irish Brigade Monument- Gettysburg, PA

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