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Lyrics & Music: Gary Eurice

Brendan Power- Vocals; Bill Brown- Bagpipes; Erich Arndt- Guitar; Gary Eurice- Fiddle; Jon Heller- Bagpipes; Rich Lipski- Bass; Tommy Leanza- Drums

A light in the dark, though barely a spark

Hangs above as yet another night falls

The clock strikes half-twelve and I think to myself

"Why won't somebody change that feckin’ lightbulb?"


In the back of the room an old man plays a tune

But you'd think that he had cotton in his ears

That stain on the floor seems worse than before

I've got no clue why we keep coming back here


One look to the side and we all raise them high

Awaiting what we know is bound to follow

We sing "Imbibe or Die" until we run it dry

And we'll ask them for the same again tomorrow


That loose bathroom door hides nothing anymore

As I stumble in, the picture of disgrace

And on the way out someone gives a shout

It's that fellow from last night who tried to rearrange my face


Now back at the bar, a sight most bizarre

As the boys are being scolded by three women all at once

Cuz two of the lads called Mary Diane

Even though they've seen her 27 times in the last month


The smell of this place is hard to erase

But we all know it's better here than back home

We sing "Imbibe or Die" until we run it dry

And we'll be back for the same again tomorrow


I question the sanity of all who dwell

And breathe in the smoke and the mold

Of course, that includes all the lads and myself

Who haven't the strength to say no


The next morning's sun is no friend to anyone

For it shows us what we wish we could forget

A complex affair with this den of despair

It's a never-ending cycle of regret


But we'll be back tonight, and I can't tell you why

But any other pub is hard to swallow

We'll sing "Imbibe or Die" until we run it dry

And we'll probably do the same again tomorrow

At the base level, Same Again Tomorrow is a song about that one local pub everyone knows. There are a hundred things that suck about it and you can easily think of better places to go. Maybe you can't be bothered to make the effort to go elsewhere or maybe it's something more....but for whatever reason, you and your mates always end up there night after night. Over time, the song evolved into something bigger. "The pub" became a metaphor for other aspects of life: The things we keep coming back to out of love, despite the difficulties or negative aspects. For example, playing in a Celtic rock band with your friends... The song itself began as a fiddle tune I wrote before joining the band. When I decided to write a track for the new album, it seemed like a fitting use for it. Using the tune as the foundation (which can be heard after each verse), the rest of the song was built up around it. -Gary


Gary brought this gem to the band.  When he sent over his demo, I think the band wanted to "throw some hands".  This was by far one of the most difficult songs to play, as well as sing.  While recording the lyrics at his house, I was routinely beaten, and starved until I got it right.  He may look like a nice person, but he is far from it.  I will need intense therapy.  -Brendan

I can’t stress how much I love this tune.  When I first got in to Celtic Rock, I felt like this was the type of song I wanted to play.  I kept putting off working on it because I really felt like I had to be in the proper mindset, especially in the pipe solo section.   This song reminds me of my college years and going to same old dive pub because it was cheap and we always knew where to find each other. - Billy

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