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Lyrics: Jon Heller Music: Erich Arndt, Rich Lipski

Brendan Power- Vocals; Bill Brown- Bass; Erich Arndt- Guitar; Gary Eurice- Fiddle; Jon Heller- Accordion; Rich Lipski- Mandolin; Tommy Leanza- Drums

Born on distant shores so near

My home was there and never here

Forced to leave before my time

Now stuck in a paradigm

Travelling through the world I roam

Looking for a place like home

Outsider everywhere I drift

Waiting for the tide to shift



This road is not my home

But this journey is my own

Past is gone and the future unknown

This road is not my home

This road is not my home


I claim no society

Yesterday is history

Customs learned in childhood

Are lost here, misunderstood

Left with only heritage

Memories are my skeleton

A struggle to find my destiny

My past is strength not irony


(Repeat Chorus)


Finding solace out on the road

I bring my past everywhere I rove

The journey is not my enemy

It has become my family

I’m a nomad but I am content

Though my journey it won’t relent

And my home, it is not a shore

Home is where my people are


(Repeat Chorus)


This road is not my home

Jon's had lyrics for this song  for forever, but only recently got to put them to music. Rich and I got together and came up with this super cool Eastern European sounding chord progression and melody, and then Gary and Billy came along and added harmony to that and it was just this amazing tune like nothing I'd heard before. Songs like this... for the rest of my life I'll be saying "I helped make that" any time it comes on the radio. -Erich

Nomad is about a certain wanderer in particular, but is for all the wanderers out there who don't feel a strong connection to any one place or time. Home can be when and where you are, not a place at one point in time. -Jon


This song was a chance for me to recall my first love, the bass guitar.   This is a departure from the typical Saints song, with a decided Eastern European.  The song speaks to a common feeling about not fitting it where you are and longing for the home of your childhood.  Whether that be a place, a country, or just a state of mind the song speaks to realizing that home is wherever you are surrounded by those you love.  -Billy

When I first wrote the main riff, it was in a different major scale with a whole different feel. When Jon suggested adding his Nomad lyrics, the major scale just didn't seem the best fit. A few years back on our California trip, we hung out with a group called Quel Bordel. They had the Jazz Manouche style down and were a blast live (and awesome people to boot). Their sound and energy stuck with me and I wanted to write something that had a similar style. The riff evolved but we couldn't get traction on a melody. Erich came in and retooled the whole song, but the riff was able to still shine. -Rich

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