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"One of my favourite bands and one that all the writers here would agree is and has been one of the best and not only that but it is widely agreed that when the definitive history of Celtic-Punk is put to paper then the Kilmaine Saints will have one or maybe two of the best Celtic-Punk albums and maybe even a third as well!"- London Celtic Punk
“I had been waiting a while to see what would come next from the Kilmaine Saints. “Whiskey Blues & Faded Tattoos” not only tells me, but it screams at me that the Klimaine Saints have arrived at that next level and they are here for a fight!"- Paddy Rock​​

Kilmaine Saints is a band formed on good whiskey and bad intentions. The brainchild of two members of a Harrisburg Pipe & Drum band, this project was originally created with the sole intent of getting them free beer at St. Patrick’s Day shows in the central PA area (and might I add- mission accomplished). After incorporating the help of fellow members from the pipe band and other notable musicians from the area, they soon realized they were in for one hell of a ride. Since 2009 they have continued to pound through blistering, high-energy live sets that keep people singing along, stomping their feet, lifting their pints and shouting for more. With several hundred shows at pubs and festivals from New Jersey to California, critically acclaimed releases under their belts, national and international airplay, and an ever-expanding and extremely loyal fanbase, it’s no wonder the world is starting to stand up and take notice. In short, The Kilmaine Saints are equal parts Irish swagger, Scottish pride, and whiskey. This explosive Celtic rock band from central PA will steal your heart, your spirit, and your pint when you’re not looking.



Brendan was born in County Mayo, Ireland and lived there until 1980. He has been singing Irish music in pubs the last few years. He has sung the blues and classic rock, but his Irish roots pulled him back. Joining the Kilmaine Saints has allowed him to pursue his dream of singing in an Irish Band.

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Bass, Bagpipes, Accordion, Vocals

Jon has been entertaining fans with his well timed mulligans and bass faces while pretending to play bass in punk & rock bands since the last century. A founding member of the Lochiel Emerald Society Pipes and Drums, he's also been pretending to play bagpipes since ought five.

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Bagpipes, Whistle, Bouzouki, Vocals

A musical Jack-of-all-trades, Billy brings his love of beer whiskey money celtic music to the Saints. His musical career started as a wee lad playing and singing John Denver tunes with his Dad, but it wasn't until the age of 20 that he came under the spell of the bagpipes. Since that time, he's had the honor of sharing the stage with acts ranging from Breaking Benjamin to Rod Stewart.



Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Rich learned to play guitar by locking himself in his room and listening to old Ramones records. He has spent the past 15 years as a solo artist and playing guitar and bass for a number of bands in central PA. His love for good whiskey and high energy punk/rock led him to the Saints.



Guitar, Vocals

Born in Florida and raised in Pennsylvania, Erich has been playing music since he was a teenager. He's spent the last 20 years performing, writing, and producing music in various bands, highlighted by his most recent projects Shortbus Fight Club and Smileyfoot.




Tommy is a veteran of the Central PA music scene since the early 80's. His eclectic taste in music can be gleaned from the ridiculous list of bands he's been associated with over the years. From bands with a punk edge like The Bodies, Orifice, Anthrophobia, The Convulsions and Sean K. Preston and the Loaded Pistols to funky bands like Rupa Dupa, Inca Campers and Groove Jones, to sensitive singer songwriter type bands like Jessica Smucker and The Sleeping World and The Wild Hymns, his squirrelly musical journey has landed him smack dab in the middle of the Kilmaine Saints!



Fiddle, Vocals

A seasoned multi-instrumental performer both in bands and as a solo act, Gary has been mildly entertaining the general populace for years. A childhood introduction into the world of Celtic trad developed into a lifelong passion and he is now a familiar face in the MD Celtic scene. His energetic and dynamic playing has earned such rave reviews as "Play Whiskey in the Jar again." - Pub Patron, "Could you turn it down please?" - Pub Manager, and "Eh, good enough I guess." - The Kilmaine Saints.