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Lyrics: Jon Heller Music: Erich Arndt, Rich Lipski

Brendan Power- Vocals; Bill Brown- Whistle; Erich Arndt- Guitar; Gary Eurice- Fiddle; John Heller- Accordion; Rich Lipski- Bass; Tommy Leanza- Drums

Loyal to a fault, the truth evades your eyes

You think your helping out, you’re only hearing lies

Difference can unite, step back and look around

No need to start a fight if we find our common ground



We are one, we are united

Unbroken, undivided

We are one, we are united

Unbroken, undivided


Method absolute, our goals they are the same

You go your own route, you are the one to blame

Resolution lost, united we could find

Not your way at all cost, two roads can be one mind


(Repeat Chorus)




(Repeat Chorus x2)

Undivided is an anthem for all of us tired of divisiveness. There are too many people out there focused on what makes of different, but when we stop listening to those voices we'll realize we have way more in common than not. -Jon


This is another one that started out as a page in Jon's lyrics-book. Rich and I again took on the task of putting it to music and the song has been an absolute staple of our set lists ever since. We first recorded it for a compilation album during the pandemic but decided to record it again for the new album since we got a new fiddle player. Really this one is just a big fat jam. One of those songs that makes you feel like you're in a stadium every time you play it onstage. Funny story: when we were recording vocals I recorded my "we are" parts, during the very last chorus. When I finished recording my parts I turned around to see Brendan, Jon, Bill and Gary all doubled over with laughter, as I imagine it was a pretty strange sound to hear all by itself with no music accompanying it. They said I sounded like an old-time ambulance, and now when we're setting up for a show I always hear "weee aaaaarreee" over and over as it's now become part of Brendan's warmup routine. -Erich

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