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UPDATE #2 March 2 2022

We last updated you in December as we started writing for the new album. We've spent the last few months tightening up new songs and working on new ideas. It's coming along great and we are hoping to have a new album in your hands this year. Next update, we will let you know some songs titles and maybe have a clip or two.

We are excited to announce that work on our new album has begun. Our last release, Off The Wagon, got lost in the Covid shuffle (March 2020 doesn't sound like a good release date now, does it?). It was an acoustic EP of mostly older Saints songs. It's really been over 4 years since we released a full album of original material with 2017's Whiskey Blues & Faded Tattoos. If you can believe it, Drunken Redemption will be turning 10 years old in 2022, and let's not even talk about GPU. 


While we work on this album, we wanted to give our friends and fans an inside look at the whole process. Just like the album, this is a work in progress. We plan on taking pics and video as well as giving you sneak peeks and clips of the album as it takes shape. We will be doing a Q&A session with all of you. And we also have plans for each member to check in with our subscribers and give their perspective. If you have ideas or suggestions, please let us know.


So Sunday 12.5.21 we got together to start fleshing out some ideas. The process is different for each song. Sometimes, someone comes in with a finished idea for a song. Sometimes one has music and one has lyrics and we work to match them. Other times, somebody will just throw out a riff or idea and we see what happens. The mics are set up so we can capture the ideas and arrangements. That way we can work on parts individually and bring ideas and suggestions back. After 6 hours, we got got 4 songs mapped out and worked on a new cover song to add to our live shows. More details on those songs will be coming soon.


With the holidays coming up, we aren't sure when we are getting together again, but we will definitely keep you posted. Stay tuned for update #2!

UPDATE #1 Dec 8 2021

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