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THANK YOU for taking the time to check us out! We are a Celtic Rock/Punk band based out of Harrisburg, PA. Formed in 2009, our goal was to have some fun and get free beer around St. Pat's. Since then, the band has grown beyond anything we could have imagined. We've been fortunate enough to play hundreds of shows from New Jersey to California. We've played festivals with bands like Dropkick Murphy's, Flogging Molly, Flatfoot 56 (hell...even Vanilla Ice). We've released 7 albums/EPs, the latest being Same Again Tomorrow (our best yet)! We earned an endorsement deal with Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey. We've even had our own beer! The great thing is we are still growing...socials are growing, CDs are selling out, and crowds are getting bigger.


We hope you'll click around and get to know us. Please be sure to join us on Facebook and Instagram (most active). Sign up on our mailing list. Enjoy our music on Spotify. If you dig it, we really hope you have a chance to join us at a show and say hi. 2023 will see us travel some more so hopefully we cross paths soon!



THANK YOU! Thank you for clicking on this page, for taking the time to read through, for hopefully joining us on Facebook/Instagram/Spotify/Mailing List. We hope you'll continue to get to know us, listen to our music, interact on our socials, message us, wear our merch and ultimately hang out with us at a show or festival

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