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Recording Underway

" Hi guys. Erich here. You know me mainly as the guy who plays guitar with Kilmaine Saints these days, but secondarily I'm something of an aspiring record producer. I've been messing around with home recording for about twenty-five years now. Mainly I just record my own songs (check out Smileyfoot if you get a chance) but have recently started doing work for other musicians as well. As most of you know I'm fairly new as far as Kilmaine band members go, so when I was asked to head up production on our acoustic album a few years ago I was honored to accept the task. And boy was that a fun ride. The great thing about this band is that not only is everyone extremely talented and professional, most of them are pretty tech-savvy as well, with their own recording setups at their own homes. What that means is that after a little coordination most of the members were able to record their parts at home on their own time and send them to me to mix. This wasn't the way most of them were used to recording, but by the time we got up and rolling everyone was onboard with it, and we were all more than pleased with the final result. And now for the really cool part: I'm excited to announce that we have dusted off our microphones and put new strings on our various instruments and begun the process of bringing you a brand new Kilmaine Saints album. And there's nothing unplugged about this one. I can't go into too much detail, but I can tell you that I'm sitting on fourteen tracks in various stages of completion, with new parts being recorded and sent to me every day. We do not have a release date set as of yet, but it'll be worth the wait. We're determined to give you the best record we can give you, no matter how long it takes. "

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