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A Message From Brendan

Happy New Year Saints fans! We hope everyone had a wonderful start to the New Year. As KS slowly emerges from our caves, we wanted to update you all on some great things happening. Progress with the album is really heating up and we are beyond stoked with the quality. The drums, guitar and bass tracks are onto the sexy stuff. Although this album has taken more time than usual, we assure you this will be our best album yet.

A new album is just the beginning for 2023. We have been hard at work behind the scenes; new merch ideas, more shows, choreographed dance moves, as well as behind the scenes DIY videos. Rumor has it I will be working on new jokes...don't hold your breath. Keep an eye on upcoming shows, album teasers, as well as many other surprises....perhaps a new music video? As always, we thank all of you for your support. We look forward to making 2023 another awesome year with the Saints. Check out our schedule and let's raise a pint or ten at the next show. Slainte, Brendan

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